XVX Vapes

Branding, Packaging, Tagline

The European vapouriser market is saturated with cheap, plastic vapourisers. XVX wanted to leapfrog the competition as a lifestyle brand inspired by the sleek style of London. I worked closely with the founders to build a vision and brand that does exactly that.

Strategy— Reach beyond features and the 'gearhead' mindset of many e-cigarette and vapourising fans, into a more casual market that wants to be seen with something svelte, sleek, and sexy.

Solution— Dangerous angles, underbranding, and a gloss-on-matte materials complete the look. Pops of colour bring out different liquid flavours and a feeling of electricity. To support the brand approach, I came up with the tagline "Digital Smoke", referencing both the technology and a sense of mystery.

State of the art product, very stylish. If James Bond were to smoke, he would definitely use XVX.
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This product comes in a beautiful presentation box, which is not let down by the product itself.
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Presentation and quality it spot on, the XVX have taken care to produce a quality product with great thought spent on beginner vapers.
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