The Truth Beauty Company

Branding, Hand lettering, tagline

The Truth Beauty Company is the only green beauty shop in Waterloo, Ontario. Owner Jennifer Freitas needed a brand to connect to her values of community and natural beauty.

Strategy—  Rename the shop from a part of Olivier Soaps to the Truth Beauty Company, a name that directly reflects the owner’s mission: bringing truth (ethics, transparency, and a renewed sense of nature) to beauty care and cosmetics.

Solution—  A brand that is imperfect and artful, making it feel local and organic while still having a sense of elegance through watercolour, pencil illustrations and hand-written typography. The brand turns away from runway-chic and provides a more intimate, personal sense of beauty, just like the owner provides each customer.

Joel has an unnatural ability to exist within my head; my thoughts. I can't express how useful I find this to be - whenever I propose an idea for a marketing piece, Joel will come back to me with the vision that existed in my mind but that I wasn't able to clearly articulate. His talent is broad-spectrum and diverse; no matter who I am trying to target, Joel creates the perfect verbiage, imagery and overall design. He is beyond exceptional. 

– Jennifer Freitas, Owner