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Redemption is the first crowdsourced, podcast drama inspired by refugees and the communities they touch.

Creative insight

16-24 year-olds want to challenge anti-social behaviour directed at refugees but don't have the know-how and tools to act, intervene and speak out against injustice, resulting in feelings of guilt and powerlessness.

Soap operas have a history of opening National dialogue on difficult topics and connecting individuals, e.g. the radio soap opera "Musekeweya" that, through rich characters and narratives, helped with the complex process of reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda. Now, digital podcasts such as "This American Life" and "Serial" have brought radio soap operas back in a big way.

What is your solution?

Redemption is a story of second chances.

Through a serialised podcast, we'll capture the refugee's journey and struggle for a second life while giving young people a second chance to help.

From the devastating and beautiful to the inspirational and haunting, these episodes ignore the label of "Refugee" and tell of complex human beings. This will build intimate, emotional connections to individuals rather than discussing a faceless mass.

Young people will learn to react to common situations, from negative comments at the family dinner table to those on Twitter, influencing and transforming the conversation around refugees.

How does it work?

When have you witnessed anti-refugee sentiment but have been unable to act? We’ll ask young people these questions and weave their answers into rich, audio narratives with refugees' own stories and journeys.

#Redemption discussions related to discrimination and diffusing common anti-refugee sentiments will surround each installment of the podcast. Through stories and digital resources, we'll provide the skills and the confidence to act in the face of inflammatory behaviour, be that in the pub or on Facebook.

These life-long skills enable young people to control the dialogue in their online and offline communities: a second chance to speak up so we won’t need a third.

Step 1: Call to Arms

16-24 year-olds submit their local stories through social media. These are paired with real refugee stories and transformed into the Redemption podcast.

Step 2: Community

Rich content around the podcast promotes understanding and encourages real, earnest discussions in online communities. Everything we make is a call to action, prompting the audience to go out and take a stand.

Step 3: Champions

16-24 year-olds become champions for refugees, empowered to speak up and change their community, no matter the medium.

Turkey, Italy, Dalston

An emerging collage series inspired by the clashing patterns you can only find in London.

100 Ideas in 5 days

A frantic class at at Central St Martins, where we're told nothing except for what to make in the next five to 10 minutes. Here are some of my favourites.

In 5 minutes, design a piece using this photocopied bill, that captures a relationship we have with money.

In 10 minutes, design jewelry for North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. Result: Repurposed American steel buttons for use on traditional North Korean shirts. One button for each ruler, up to Kim Il-Sung in the highest position in heaven.

In 5 minutes, design "his and hers" towels for a genderfluid couple.

In 10 minutes, design a building that describes London. Result: an absurdist collection of the incredibly rich, incredibly poor, and incredibly drunk. With clotted cream on top.

In 5 minutes, make as many As as you can with the triangles. (Sometimes as little work as possible is the best approach).

In 10 minutes, design a postal stamp for the first colony of Mars. Result: A tiling, minimal solution that links the two planets together, yet conveys a sense of unfathomable distance and difference.

In 10 minutes, design a bag promoting a spy shop. Think about the contradiction between being a spy, and self-promotion. Result: A double-encrypted bag, where some parts are only visible with UV light, and others with invisible ink. The bold graphic design disguises it as a fancy fashion bag.

In 10 minutes, design a business card for a ghost. What type of ghost needs a business card? Answer: A paranormal printer. BooCards.

Creative Scavanger Hunt

A continuation of "100 ideas in 5 days." Live.

Find: An opportunity. Result: Free cake samples.

Find or Make: A memorial. Result: RIP Chris and your latte.

Find: An unintentional piece of art. Result: Speaks for itself.

Use a post-it note to draw attention to something ignored in the city. Result: Trash talks. Back.

Use clay to create a scene.


At the end of his career, Rothko created paintings of the abyss, to stare back into it and face death. Absorbed in our screens, we look at a different type of abyss. This app brings the profoundness of Rothko to the (banal?) everyday void we spend too much time with.

Unreliable Narrators

Untrustworthy characters, devices, and stories.

Stories in two images

A randomly-generated word. Two images. Two universes. One story.

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Data as Ornament

One week at the Basel School of Design. How is data inherently ornamental, but still filled with meaning? This ornament is made from the weather currents, temperature data, and cities of Switzerland.