Can one small notebook improve mental health?


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Anxiety and depression make it impossible to get out of bed or complete simple tasks. Because of stigmas around mental health, small triumphs are untold stories. So who can you tell? How can you rebuild a sense of self from a place where everything seems impossible?

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Brave&Brave is a discreet notebook, designed as a starting point to recognize the small acts of courage you can't talk about. This book becomes a go-to place to reflect and restore courage and bravery when you’re running short.

Anxiety is like the theme music for Jaws playing in your head constantly.
But nothing ever comes...
All you can do is sit and worry. 

- 23 year old

When getting out of bed is too hard, and the dish pile is a bit too high, this book can be a small comfort, showing that these things were hard in the past, and conquered.

This is your secret and discreet notebook that only  comes alive on the inside pages. It's designed to avoid the intimidation of a blank white sheet, and break up a feeling of the "right" way to fill a page. Splashes of colour, encouragement, and other surprises fill the inner pages. And at the end, a small tear sheet lets you reflect on your progress.

So now, you finally have some proof: you are braver than you ever expected.

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